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Over the past year, a group of young people from the area have been volunteering at Menter's events, such as drama clubs, Gŵyl Canol Dre Festival, Gŵyl Fach Newy' Festival, Ras fach y wiber and various other sessions and Menter Gorllewin Sir Gâr is very grateful for their work and time. A big congratulations to Elan Evans, Gwenno Roberts and Mared Alun for reaching 20 hours of volunteering and Gwilym Williams and Efa Evans for reaching 35 hours. The 5 have reached these special milestones and have contributed to their communities through their work.

The experience of volunteering locally is more than giving something back to the community, but also an opportunity to gain confidence, develop general transferable skills. Menter's volunteering opportunities are based on participation that demonstrates best practice and offers an opportunity to take responsibility and making decisions. We definitely appreciate the work of our volunteers and see their value on a weekly basis. If you are interested in volunteering with Menter, contact us on 01239 712934 /

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