Young People

Young PeopleBy holding various activities and events we get more young people to communicate through the medium of Welsh.

Listed below are the types of activities that we hold, but keep an eye on the information section on the home page for details on individual activities.

Talking sessions with Secondary School pupils

  • Target Group: Secondary school pupils
  • Aim: Offer a chance for the pupils to practise their Welsh in an informal environment to increase confidence and experience of the Welsh Language outside the classroom.

Various workshops for the Young people of the area

  • Target Group: Young people
  • Aim: Work alongside various groups to offer workshops through the medium of Welsh and to offer opportunities to use the Welsh Language in an informal environment.

Hold Welsh Language clubs in Secondary Schools

  • Target Group: Secondary school pupils
  • Aim: Hold clubs for pupils in order to encourage and assist them to use the Welsh Language in natural settings and outside the classroom.

Social Activities and Events

  • Target Group: Young people and the community
  • Aim: Work with various organisations and agencies to organise social events for the young people of the area such as gigs, dances and trips.

Mock Interviews at local Schools

  • Target Group: Year 10 and 12 pupils
  • Aim: Offer secondary pupils an opportunity to experience an interview to prepare them for the world of work or colleges.

Sports Projects

  • Target Group: Young people in various areas
  • Aim: Offer an opportunity for Young people to take part in sporting activities through the medium of Welsh in their local area.

Cefnogi Arferion Iaith Project in Secondary Schools

  • Target Group: Pupils of the Secondary Schools that take part in the project
  • Aim: To increase the use of Welsh in the school especially amongst pupils who don’t use the Welsh Language naturally or regularly.

Battle of the Bands C2 and Small Bands Competitions

  • Target Group: Bands and a young audience
  • Aim: Jointly organise regional and county rounds for the National competition.