Sali Mali

By holding various activities and events we encourage more families to use the Welsh Language. Listed below are the types of activities that we hold, but keep an eye on the information section on the home page for details on individual activities.

Mabolgampau Meithrin (Children’s Sports)

  • Target Group: Children aged between 2 and 4 and their families
  • Aim: Organise fun activities for children and their families. Opportunities for all to socialise in a relaxed Welsh environment

Language and Play Sessions

  • Target Group: Children and Toddlers (0 – 7) and their families
  • Aim: Organise sessions to introduce Welsh to children and their families in a relaxed environment by playing and talking

Various Fun Days and Festivals

  • Target Group: Children and their families
  • Aim: Organise various events to entertain the whole family through the medium of Welsh. For some, these events offer an initial taster of the Welsh Language and culture. Additionally our officers have the opportunity to chat to parents about the advantages of giving the Welsh Language to their children

Mae dy Gymraeg di’n grêt (Your Welsh is great)

  • Target Group: Parents
  • Aim: Encourage people who can speak Welsh to use the language socially, by changing the routine of parents who can speak Welsh but who routinely speak English with each other

Author on Tour

  • Target Group: Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils from local primary schools
  • Aim: Provide an opportunity for children of all abilities to enjoy the experience of working with an experienced bard by reading and writing pieces of work together.